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UI Courses

The courses aim to provide an understanding of UI Design principles. We cover user research and analysis, wireframing and prototyping, and usability testing.

Client Testimonials

“I am able to manage my server right from my Apple device. And because I am always on the go, this is a great benefit to me. My data always comes where I go.”
Emily B. - Project Manager
“We use a few integrations through Github. We needed a robust solution that included access to a clear Admin dashboard. UXMinify provided the right tools.”
Robert S. - Director, UX Design
“As a computer vision startup, we created multiple landing pages and marketing domains in seconds. The managed server configuration is working seamlessly for us.”
Mira S. Full-Stack Engineer

Monthly UI Design

UX Research

"Understanding the perspectives and thoughts of your users can help you empathize with their needs, motivations, and frustrations. This can lead to more empathetic design decisions."


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