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Panel Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities in International Markets

February 2 @ 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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Navigating international markets presents both challenges and opportunities for businesses. On the one hand, expanding globally allows companies to tap into new customer bases, diversify revenue streams, and benefit from economies of scale. On the other hand, it brings forth a set of challenges such as cultural differences, varying regulatory landscapes, and logistical complexities.

The challenges in international markets include adapting products and marketing strategies to suit diverse cultural preferences, understanding and complying with different legal and regulatory frameworks, and managing the complexities of global supply chains. Currency fluctuations and geopolitical uncertainties further add to the complexity.

Gain valuable perspectives from industry experts in this illuminating panel discussion on the global stage.

Meet the Speakers: Manmeet Singh, Miguel Pincerno, Rahel Maharani, and Nicola Macchitella

Passionate about crafting impactful products that resonate with diverse communities, Manmeet, a Senior Product Manager at, spearheads the growth of Booking Homes—a flourishing vertical within Booking.

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Miguel has over 11 years of experience in orchestrating impactful sales enablement programs and insight-driven campaigns with global industry leaders. Currently serving as a Product Marketing Manager at Google, he has proven instrumental in driving growth across diverse channels.

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At Delivery Hero Rahel shines as a Senior Product Manager, focusing on empowering global Account Managers in EU, MENA, APAC, and LATAM. Her role is pivotal in streamlining daily tasks for Account Managers while strategically recommending paid solutions to enhance vendor performance.

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Nicola brings a wealth of international experience to the table. His career journey has taken him through prestigious tech giants, including Meta, Yahoo, Tumblr, and now, Waymo. With a background working on both product and data, he has a remarkable track record of successfully launching new products and driving growth for established ones.

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The content of this event is for educational purposes only and does not include any specific facts of the presenter’s current or previous company. The opinions expressed in this event are solely those of the presenter based on personal experiences and do not reflect those of the company the presenter works for.

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