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There is so much content to be created. There are so many unique ideas to be conceived.

: Froy Perez

Video creativity is very competitive.

To be viral, your video must have a very strong appeal to human emotion. A video was posted about a performer who unlock herself from a straight jacket, inside of a glass box full of water. She struggled for a while but succeeded in the end. The video received 175k likes and more than double the views. When creating viral content, you must design things for the right reasons, not just to gain attention or to make money off of advertisements. You should do it because it is something that interests you and makes you happy. The best work comes from artists who are doing what they love, while they work. When viral videos are created, there's always an element of surprise. It's not something you could see coming; it's something spontaneous. Some viral videos are viral because it is relatable or causes amusement to the viewers because they can identify with the material.

Create Relatable Material

When you create viral content, it should be something that people can relate to. The viral video of the young lady who escaped from a straight jacket underwater is an example of making videos relatable because everyone loves a challenge and many people have a fear of drowning. If a viral video was forced or acted, it wouldn't seem as genuine for viewers, and very difficult to relate to.

"Soul music is true to its name. It's music that connects to your soul, your spirit. When music resonates with people's spirit like that, when people can emotionally connect with something or it helps to heal them, transform them, that never goes out of style. People will always need something to relate to. - Andra Day

Create Authentic Content

Authenticity is viral content's best friend. Authenticity in video creation is key to viral video growth. If people can relate to or be entertained by what they are watching, they're more likely to share it with others. But what really makes content authentic? The best indicator of authentic content is that it feels real. It's not forced or crafted, but true to the creator. People enjoy viral content because it is natural, without ulterior motives; thus making it viral. "You know what I love about music? It's an opportunity for all of us to translate our deepest feelings for someone in a way that everyone can relate to. Almost like having a clean slate, every time we hear the song.

Image Impact

Emotion is communicated through imagery to make the process easier to convey.

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Let the Content Evolve

Viral videos are meant to become viral and grow impact over time. They won't remain viral throughout their entire lifespan, but they will make an impact during their viral period. So if the viral video is your goal, it's important to create ever-green material so that, the material can have longevity. It's not the material itself that becomes viral, but rather its momentum and popularity and how it plays into current events (such as a viral video of people dancing in their cars when there was a viral craze about the song "Gangnam Style").

Bottom Line

To create viral content, you must make something that is authentic and relatable. Also, viral videos should capture the right emotions to entertain the viewers. To be viral, create viral content. When creating viral videos, the best approach is to do what you love and believe in--because if you enjoy making it or watching it, others will too!

: Froy Perez