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UXM Youtube: Computer Vision is Changing AI for Good

Video Broadcast

Get On-board the Computer Vision Train Computer vision has countless applications in various industries, including medicine, manufacturing, retail, security and surveillance, automotive, robotics, agriculture, and many more. In the medical field, for example, computer vision can be used to detect anomalies in medical images faster than ever before and image processing algorithms can be used […]

Potential and Ethical Implications of AI-Generated Music

Video Broadcast

Music has always been an art form that has captivated the world, transcending cultures and connecting people through its universal language. From ancient rhythms to contemporary melodies, music has played an essential role in human history, evoking emotions, inspiring movements, and providing solace. With the rapid advancement of technology, the creation and distribution of music […]

Young Professionals @ Skinny’s Cantina on the Hudson

Skinny's Cantina On The Hudson 701 West 133rd Street, New York, NY, United States

Join us every Wednesday for Young Professionals @ Skinny's Cantina on the Hudson – the ultimate midweek escape for the vibrant and ambitious! Nestled along the scenic Hudson River, Skinny's Cantina offers the perfect blend of lively ambiance, delectable cuisine, and irresistible drinks, creating an ideal setting for young professionals to unwind and connect. Our […]

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