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UXM Youtube: Computer Vision is Changing AI for Good

June 25 All day

Computer Vision

Get On-board the Computer Vision Train

Computer vision has countless applications in various industries, including medicine, manufacturing, retail, security and surveillance, automotive, robotics, agriculture, and many more. In the medical field, for example, computer vision can be used to detect anomalies in medical images faster than ever before and image processing algorithms can be used to identify tumors or other abnormalities that may have been previously missed by manual inspection.


In the retail industry, image recognition systems can be utilized for product recommendations on websites or image search engines like Google Images. In the agricultural industry, image-processing techniques are used to monitor crops for signs of disease or pests. At its core, computer vision is about image processing and object recognition. It involves the use of advanced #algorithm to interpret and analyze digital images to extract meaningful information from them.

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