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There is so much content to be created. There are so many unique ideas to be conceived.

: Froy Perez

5 Reasons Why You Need a Content Coach

The story involved a young woman who aspired to be a voice performer. Her teacher constantly asked her to repeat the first line of the practice piece. The young woman, confused, quit and changed her profession. Later, she encountered an opportunity to sing, and by surprise, shocked the audience with just the one line she learned. After much praise by the audience, the young woman became a famous Japanese performer, by the name of Koshiji.

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. -Bruce Lee

A Content Coach is a Guide

A content coach is someone who can guide creators through the world of content, one step at a time. Most often people hired as "content coaches" are actually full-blown content strategists and project managers working with clients creating their own content internally. Many companies are hiring dedicated professionals for this reason because it takes a very unique skill set to create internal resources that are both flexible enough to be implemented, and creative enough to be engaging.

The perfect content coach can help organize your digital footprint. It allows you to assess content from a higher perspective, allowing content creators to have a bird's eye view of the content being created. A content coach can be your guide in creating a content strategy that fits your business needs and connects with your audience. In addition, a content coach can also help connect content efforts to bottom-line results. Content coaches use data, analytics and compelling stories about past content interactions to provide proof of successful campaigns by showing increases in ROI, conversion rate, website traffic and organic search rankings. Here are 5 reasons why you need the presence of a Content Coach:

  • Content Management System
  • Copywrite Quality Control
  • Creative Video Production
  • Social Media Process
  • Company Digital Footprint

Content implies creativity, but it is only one piece of what makes an amazing content marketing campaign come together smoothly. Having someone there who can make sure all the pieces fall into place during the process create great things for you online presence.

The accent got lost somewhere along the way. I'm a little embarrassed about it. When I arrived in LA I assumed I'd be able to put on the American accent. It proved difficult so I had six months working with a dialect coach and it's become a habit. - Martin Henderson

#1 Content Management System

Imagine having content calendars for all content types, digital pieces ready to be approved at launch, content reuse plans for effective content marketing campaigns and amazing content insights gathered. It is easy to see why a Content Management System (CMS) is so powerful in content marketing campaigns. It's basically the central location of all your online content. A CMS gives you everything you need in one content-friendly platform that allows you to manage multiple users who can access your library of content while staying organized with proper approval workflows. You can also store files, images or videos that are used for each campaign while avoiding duplicate file storage issues. This type of activity needs to be managed. A content coach can help get a team onboard the new system.

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Emotion is communicated through imagery to make the process easier to convey.

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#2 Copywrite Quality Control

Because this person will make sure nothing goes out without their review, they ensure copywrite quality before launch date. A content manager can help proof-read content prior to publishing, as well as a consultant for the actual digital material. Quality content is crucial in content marketing. If you are making content that does not speak to your customer, then your content efforts will fail quickly.

#3 Creative Video Production

A content manager can also help work with creative for video development by providing outlines and writing scripts vs. the actual content production (though they may provide this service as well). Content managers can make sure creative needs are met by providing guidelines for video content creation, both short-form video elements like YouTube teasers or longer form content pieces like webinars or eBooks. A content coach will find creative ways of promoting the material internally and externally. This is a skill that takes creativity and flexibility to do successfully.

#4 Social Media Process

We manage several social media brands from different parts of the world. And the more we work with different brands, the more we continue to see a common denominator - you need to post content daily in order to stand out from the pack. Social media content requires work. Content that needs to be drafted, proof-read and then posted. Content planning is required for content producers to know the content they are posting - using video content, images or graphics. The content manager can help with these processes.

#5 Company Digital Footprint

A content coach helps create a digital footprint for your company by giving recommendations on how to improve each piece of content you create, manage and distribute so it not only speaks to customers but also has SEO value written all over it. A content coach will always provide tools for measuring trends in content performance while identifying areas of improvement where additional efforts can be made based on data metrics derived from previous marketing activities. Using this insight into the measurement of social media marketing success allows you to allocate resources more accurately.

Bottom Line

Content marketing success depends on content performance. Content managers help content marketers create content that speaks to customers and ranks high in search results, allowing a company to grow its digital footprint and increase revenue. A content coach can help improve your content performance by providing guidance on how content can be optimized internally, as well as externally for SEO value. This is the key difference between simply generating content vs. creating content targeted towards your audience so it will rank & generate leads for you. A content coach will develop a strategy based on metrics derived from previous marketing activities to focus efforts where they are needed most - thus using limited resources more efficiently… making the best use of time and money because now you have improving content performance data to show ROI.

: Froy Perez